Westchester Choral Society


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Welcome back to another great season!

Our goal is to perform at a professional level. Your audition and acceptance into the WCS imply a commitment on your part to attend rehearsals, learn the repertoire thoroughly, and sing the full complement of concerts for the year.

We rehearse Tuesday evenings 7:00–9:30 pm at the Music Conservatory of Westchester (MCW)

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Occasionally we will have a Saturday morning rehearsal: this will be announced well in advance.

Any member not planning to sing a concert must notify the Music Director and Section Leader prior to the first rehearsal for the concert. Attendance at weekly rehearsals and dress rehearsals is required. Be sure to sign the attendance sheets at each rehearsal. Members may not be absent from more than 25% of rehearsals for a concert and may not miss a final rehearsal (except for religious reasons). Section Leaders monitor attendance. Please inform your Section Leader in advance if you expect to miss a rehearsal. Obtain score markings announced at missed rehearsals from the master copy prior to rehearsal.

Practice With On-line CyberBass

If you would like to practice your voice-part on-line, please visit www.cyberbass.com, a website that has MIDI files of many choral works. There are separate files for each voice part that you can listen to with Windows Media Player. If you don't already have the player on your computer, it can be downloaded from Microsoft.


Follow the below link to access the voice-specific practice tracks for our Spring '18 concert:

Choralia Practice Tracks

The Choralia practice music is created by electronic voices, which sing the words with emphasis on each voice part - a very helpful tool when learning a new piece and they are free. Within the folder are instructions on how to download these files if you choose, with tips for Windows and Mac users. 


To access recordings of all rehearsals

  1. Go to ITunes, search for "Practice Makes Perfect" in Podcasts. Choose the one with a picture of a microphone on it to get our list of rehearsals - or -

  2. Use this link: www.buzzsprout.com/16637


Standard WCS Concert Attire

Sopranos & Altos: Black floor-length skirt; black long-sleeve, jewel-neck top; black shoes & stockings; strand of pearls (available from Sandy Zinman at $5.00). Variation: colorful scarves, tops

Tenors & Basses: Black tuxedo or black/dark gray suit; white dress-shirt & black bow tie; black dress-shoes & socks. Variation: black dress shirts

All: please, no perfume, cologne, etc.


$200 ($175 each for married couples) payable by check given to the Treasurer.
New Member Incentive:

  • 25% ($50) off dues for all members under age 40.

  • 25% ($50)* off existing member’s dues for each new member brought in.

  • 25% ($50)* off each new member’s dues.

*discount is for one year only.


Our policy is not to exclude anyone for financial reasons. Speak to one of the President or Treasurer to make alternative arrangements (confidentiality will be respected).

Ticket Obligation

Each member is required to sell the equivalent of 4 regular-priced tickets to each oconcert (6 tickets for married couples) to be paid for at least 2 weeks prior to the concert by check given to Carol Cherry. Ticket sales cover a significant portion of our yearly costs, but more important, singing to a full house enhances the joyful musical connection between us and our audience—the reason we became members of WCS to begin with.


Use spaces in MCW lot, across Central Avenue in municipal facility, or in front lot of Mavis behind MCW after Mavis is closed. Please don’t park at City Limits Diner.

As a volunteer organization, we encourage each member to volunteer to lead or work on committees and attend the events that provide outreach to the community and financial sustenance to the WCS. We are able to exist only because of the generous contributions of our members’ time and talent. Please volunteer by contacting the President or the people listed in the column at the left.


Leni Glauber
Vice President
Susan Duncan
Carol McMillan
Carol Cherry


Judy Christopher
Jonathan Goldberg
Joseph Isherwood
Stephen Kuhn
Cheryl Larsen
Janet Martino
Rita Nemec
Debra Segal
Doris Staubi


Music Director
Frank Nemhauser
Associate Music Director
David Baranowski

Section Leaders

Carol Cherry 914.834.8982
Trish Chalifoux 914.472.7856
Tenors & Basses
Joseph Isherwood 914.924.4464


Budget and Finance
Carol McMillan

Concert Arrangements
Numa Rousseve &
Joseph Isherwood

Carol McMillan
Trish Chalifoux

Debra Segal
Judy Christopher
Janet Martino

Laura Mohatt

Concert Program Advertising
Sandra Zinman

Publicity/Social Media
Joseph Isherwodd
Susan Duncan
Barbara Katz

Summer Sings
Sandra Zinman

Ticket Sales
Carol Cherry
Doris Staubi

Monique Robidoux